Services Offered By A Locksmith In Sandalfoot-Cove

Having a lock that wiggles or requires superhuman strength to turn is frustrating and could also put your home’s security at risk. A mobile locksmith in Sandalfoot-Cove can help with these issues and more.

One of the most common services is rekeying locks, which makes your current locks work with a new key. This is less expensive than changing the lock assembly.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying is a service provided by a locksmith that can make your current lock work with a different key, reducing the chances of someone getting unauthorized access to your property. It’s less expensive than changing the entire lock assembly and allows you to keep the same door hardware, if desired.

Most people think that they need to change locks if they lose their house keys or move into a new home, but it’s actually much cheaper to re-key the existing lock. Re-keying also makes the existing lock just as secure as a new one.

To re-key a lock, the first step is to remove the plug from the cylinder using the tool included in the rekeying kit. Dump out the old pins on a clean surface and replace them with the new ones in the proper order as indicated by the rekeying kit’s instructions. Replace the plug and snap the cylinder back into the housing.

Lockout Service

Whether you’ve lost your car keys or locked them inside your home, a locksmith can help. They’ll rekey your locks so that one key works on them all, and they can help you create a master key to reduce the chance of someone gaining unauthorized access to your property.

Rekeying involves changing the order of tumblers inside a lock to match a new key. A locksmith will remove the cylinder plug, dump out old pins (often with a pair of tweezers), and then set up the new ones in the correct order. They’ll test the lock to make sure it’s working properly, and they’ll give you a copy of the new key.

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Lock Installation

The security of your home heavily depends on the locks that are on all doors and windows. If the locks are old and worn out, you need to replace them with new ones as soon as possible. Having strong deadbolt locks will deter burglars and thieves from entering your house. You can count on the expert team of Brothers Locksmith for professional residential lock installation services.

A lock is a mechanical device that keeps something closed and can only be opened with a key or some sort of code. The tumblers inside the lock match with a key pin that is hidden from view. It is very difficult for someone to get into a locked door or box without the key, but if a locksmith is available, they can rekey the lock to work with another key. This will prevent unauthorized people from accessing your property and it is much cheaper than replacing the entire lock set on your door.

Car Key Replacement

There are several different types of car keys, so knowing what kind you have is key to finding the right locksmith for your needs. If you have an old-school key, the kind that just inserts into a lock and turns it, you can probably get a new one at a local hardware store or even at a locksmith. If you have a modern car with a key fob, however, you’ll likely need to go through your dealer for a replacement.

This type of key has a built-in security chip that communicates with your car’s ignition to prevent it from starting if the wrong key is used. You can sometimes find these at a locksmith, but you’ll likely need to have them programmed by your dealer. This is an extra cost on top of the cost of the replacement key itself. You may be able to do this yourself if you have the car’s VIN number and can follow the instructions in your owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.