Roofing Services in Blackwood NJ

Your home’s roof is the most important protection against harsh weather. This means that it’s essential to regularly inspect your roof for signs of damage and needing repair or replacement.

Missing and damaged shakes on your Blackwood NJ cedar roof are a telltale sign that it’s time to replace the entire roofing system. When shakes cup, split or curl, they warp the watertight seal between your home and the elements.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles, also known as Spanish tile roofs, are a historic roofing material. They are kiln-baked and molded into individual tiles. They are glazed or coated with different colors to create their distinctive look and appeal.

These tiles have great air flow and insulative properties, keeping homes cooler than asphalt shingles. They’re also available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and profiles, giving homeowners a wealth of design options.

In addition, clay tiles are a popular choice for restoring old, sloping roofs. They come in both a two-piece style with the pan and cover alternating, and one-piece versions with flat covers to mimic shingles, slate, or wood shakes.

However, the weight of clay roofs requires a strong support structure to bear their weight. This may make them unsuitable in regions that experience earthquakes, high winds or heavy snow. In contrast, metal panels are light and require less building infrastructure to install. Consequently, they’re less expensive and more environmentally friendly than clay tiles.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are a beautiful and unique tile option that can add a rustic look to any indoor or outdoor space. These natural stones are available in a variety of colors and are easy to install and maintain.

Slate is a metamorphic rock that’s formed when sediments are compressed under pressure in the earth. It’s also a durable material that can last for decades with little to no maintenance.

If you’re interested in slate roofs, you should find a roofing contractor with experience installing them. These seasoned professionals have a lot to know about the process, including prepping the roof, setting up scaffolding in a way that protects the integrity of the slate and the tiles during installation, and cutting and shaping the tiles with hand tools.

Choosing a professional roofing service in Blackwood NJ can ensure that your home receives the protection it needs and that it looks great for years to come. Contact Becker’s today to schedule a free consultation and roofing quote.

Metal Tiles

When it comes to roofing services in Blackwood NJ, metal tiles are often a top choice. They offer a wide range of benefits, including durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. They can also be layered in different combinations to achieve an architectural style that’s unique to your home.

The team at Becker’s Roofing can help you find the best roof replacement option for your needs. Our expert roofers can assess your current roofing system and recommend a newer, better way to protect your property and boost your resale value.

If you want to improve your home’s resale value, save money on your energy bills and keep your family safe and comfortable during harsh weather conditions, give us a call for an estimate. We’re a locally owned, family-operated business with a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliable service. We are a GAF Master Elite contractor and we stand behind our work. We’re ready to help you get started on your project today.

Composite Tiles

Roofing services in Blackwood NJ use composite tiles for their roofs because of their strength and durability. They also provide a unique architectural appeal that is a great addition to any home.

For example, composite slate and cedar shake tiles are designed to look like real roofing materials without the weight and hefty price. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations.

They are made from an advanced ceramic wood composite material called Nadura that consists of a high-quality powder mix of wood fiber, binding agent, and colored wood particles. This is then pressed together under high pressure and temperature.

These floorings are extremely easy to install and very strong. They are also environmentally friendly because they use recycled wood particles in the production process and Nadura is pressed from an energy-efficient source of power.