How does pay-per-call work?

Pay per call is an advertising model where advertisers pay for phone calls made by potential customers in response to their advertisements. The advertiser is charged a fee each time a user clicks on their phone number or dials their phone number from an ad. This model is particularly useful for local businesses who want to drive phone calls and generate leads. Pay per call ads can be placed on search engines, affiliate websites, social media, and other online platforms. The cost per call varies depending on the niche, location, and competition.

A pay per call network is a type of advertising network that connects businesses with potential customers through phone calls. Advertisers pay for phone calls generated by their ads, rather than clicks or impressions. Call centers or affiliate marketers receive a commission for each successfully connected phone call. Pay per call networks offer businesses a way to generate phone leads and improve customer engagement. It is particularly useful for companies that provide a service or product that requires consultation or personal interaction with the customer. Additionally, pay per call networks often provide advanced tracking and reporting tools so that businesses can monitor the performance of their campaigns.

Pay per call marketing is a type of performance-based advertising where advertisers pay a fee to publishers or affiliate marketers for every call generated through a specific advertisement or website placement. Advertisers can use pay per call marketing to drive calls for customer acquisition, lead generation, and sales.

In this model, the advertisers provide the publisher or affiliate marketer with a unique phone number that’s used in the advertisement or website placement. When a visitor makes a call through the unique phone number, the publisher is paid a fee. The fee can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the call.

Pay per call marketing is particularly effective for businesses that rely on phone calls to generate leads or sales, such as insurance companies, cable providers or subscription services, as well as verticals that require special licenses (like lawyers). Pay per call marketing generates conversions with a high intent to purchase, but requires a high level of trust as the fee is based on call duration and quality.

Overall, pay per call marketing can help advertisers reach new customers and increase sales by utilizing the power of phone calls.